The purpose of the student development fund is to promote the personal and professional development of students and student groups. Funds may be used to but 不 limited to defer the cost of a variety of event expenses, 会议注册及差旅.

Please 不e: Applications are reviewed for eligibility during fall and spring semesters only. Submissions are closed during the summer and will reopen at the start of the fall semester.

有关申请程序的问题,请直接向 jlalbracht@gvehi.com



  • 申请将以滚动方式进行审核. You may 不 submit an application for an expense or event that has already occurred in a previous semester.    
  • 每个提案都需要包括资金使用摘要, 预算细目(如适用)(资金报表), 以及对收益和预期结果的描述.
  • 必须提交请求 至少10个工作日 (不包括周末), break days or Holidays) prior to the event or prior to the date funding needs to be received. 
  • 申请人 必须 做一个支付费用的人. 报销将被考虑,但建议申请资助 之前 保证活动经费. 
  • All reimbursement documentation 必须 be submitted within 5-7 business days of the event with proof of payment and itemized receipts.
  • The Student Affairs staff member or designee reserves the right to verify the event with the designated guests.
  • Failure to abide by these guidelines can result in the withdrawal of funding approval and may jeopardize approval of future Student Development funding.
  • Applications for funding that are submitted during the holiday break or summer for travel/events 不 falling in the long semester will be reviewed by the Student Affairs administrator or designee.


Funds are dedicated to current students or registered student organizations who may apply for up to:

  • 每场会议150美元 
  • 每个学生组织活动300美元.
  • 留学经费每个学生不超过150美元.
  • 一个学生/组织每学期只能获得一个奖项. 例如, if a student receives an award through a group application they can不 then submit an additional individual application.     

Requests for funding outside of these amounts may be considered for events that clearly benefit a larger portion of the Texas Wesleyan student population.  


  • 酒精饮料
  • t恤
  • 个人认证/考试(GRE,教师资格证,公证员等.)
  • 杂项费用不能列为经费申请的一部分
  • 手头现金
  • 大学院系活动
  • 学费
  • 住房成本
  • 学生的配偶、家庭伴侣或家庭成员
  • 法院的费用
  • 个人商业机会
  • 学生组织会费
  • 专业组织会费


  • 姓和名
  • 组织(如适用) 
  • 学生证号码
  • 所需资助金额
  • 募款的努力
    • 注:获得资金并不取决于是否采取其他途径
  • 所需资金


摘要 should present a concise description of the need and use of the funding and should 不 exceed one page.


需求陈述应该描述这笔资金将允许你做什么, 将会完成什么, 期望的结果和明确的预算.


Describe how receiving these funds will benefit you, the institution, and/or the campus community.










空白或未提供相关信息. 摘要 is vague lacks explanation of need and is 不 clearly linked to goals or objectives. 少于50%是合理的. 摘要 提供了一些需要的证据,它模糊地概述了目标和目的. 超过50%是合理的. 摘要清晰、有逻辑. 这个论点很有说服力,有明确的例子


空白或未提供相关信息. Provides minimal information to support the use of funds, the limited budget information 包括不允许的支出. 少于50%是合理的. 提供部分信息以支持资金的使用; Budget is 不 complete and/or is 不 cost efficient or related to activities and outcomes. 超过50%是合理的. 提供一个清晰简洁的预算与个别行项目, 描述资金使用情况和将完成的工作


空白或未提供相关信息.  不清楚受影响的人口是否会带来有意义的好处. 少于50%是合理的. Provides partial details of the impact on self/organization, University or campus community and goals. 超过50%是合理的.  P提供具体细节, 比如受影响的个人和群体, the effect on the applicant and/or campus and relationship to future professional goals. 

Application approval/denial will be communicated to the applicant via their university email address.



Communication with the business office will occur for the applicant to collect their funding.


Must be scheduled in advance by communicating and scheduling a time to meet with Jesse Albracht at jlalbracht@gvehi.com.


"Pro Joe"学生紧急援助基金

The “Pro Joe” Student Emergency Assistance Fund (SEAF) exists to provide limited emergency financial support to currently enrolled 德克萨斯卫斯理大学 (TXWES) students who are otherwise unable to meet essential expenses due to a temporary or unexpected hardship.

Average awards range from $50 to $150, but will 不 be more than $500 per student per year. Decisions regarding the disbursement of SEAF monies are made on a case-by-case basis. 这些奖励不是贷款,也不需要偿还. 

Funds paid to student recipient may be taxable income and will be reported on tax form W-2 for employees (Student Assistant or Federal College Work Study) or 1099-MISC for non-employees.

需要帮助? 完成申请.

有什么问题吗?? 请联系 deanofstudents@gvehi.com.


Example of expenses that may be covered by the SEAF include, but are 不 limited to:

  • 药物或处方费用;
  • 书本费或其他与学校有关的费用;
  • replacement of essential personal belongings due to a fire or natural disaster; and
  • 与安全有关的需要(i.e.、换锁、紧急避难所).

费用的例子是 SEAF涵盖的范围包括:

  • 学费、杂费或留学费用;
  • 定期预期固定费用(i.e.(租金、水电费);
  • 健康保险;
  • 非必要的个人账单(如.e.(信用卡账单、有线电视账单、手机账单);
  • 娱乐、休闲或非紧急旅行的任何费用;
  • parking tickets, library fines or other expenses mistakenly incurred; or
  • 补发遗失或被盗物品.

任何TXWES学生都可以申请SEAF. 申请人必须符合以下条件,方可获考虑:

  • 有明显的暂时经济困难;
  • 因紧急情况、事故或意外事件造成的突然困难的证明文件;
  • capability to remain enrolled at TXWES 必须 be in jeopardy during the semester in which the SEAF application is received;
  • other possible financial resources 必须 have been considered and/or sought and are insufficient or unavailable;
  • 资金只授予接受者;
  • be currently enrolled as a full-time, degree-seeking student; and
  • 完整的申请, including answers to all questions and submitted supporting documentation as needed.

Students who are in need of emergency financial assistance may submit an application and supporting documentation to the Dean of Students Office.  Students are encouraged to meet with a member of the Student Affairs team to discuss their situation or to seek support in completing the process. The Dean of Students will review submitted applications and seek feedback from campus colleagues to determine appropriate funding amount.  Applicants may be required to meet with a representative from the Dean of Students Office to discuss their application and circumstances related to the emergency. 如果申请人目前正在接受经济援助, please be aware that receiving an award from the SEAF may affect future aid packages. 如果您有任何疑问,请联系教务处 deanofstudents@gvehi.com or 817.531.4872.


  1. 全名
  2. 学号
  3. TXWES邮件
  4. 本地地址
  5. 本地电话
  6. 以前收到过SEAF的资金? 如果有,时间和内容?
  7. 要求的资金数额
  8. Detailed explanation of why emergency funds are needed and what they will be used for
  9. 详细说明为获得SEAF以外的援助所作的努力
  10. 对上述任何问题的支持文件

如果你想申请援助, 完成SEAF申请.